🏪Virtual Spaces

We provide our tenants and renters with a variety of customizable virtual spaces for different types of events that can be monetized through sponsorships and ticket sales.

Types of Spaces

These types of spaces are for gathering a group of people who share the same interests to meet and connect with each other.

Example of Events:

  • Business Conferences

  • Founders & Investors networking event

  • Local singles meetup

Example of Spaces:

  • Conference Centers

  • Lounges

  • Lofts

  • Beaches

  • Yachts

Types of Spaces

Type of SpaceFeesAccessibility

Private Space

Monthly or Annual Lease

Accessible at All Times

Public Space

Hourly or Daily Rental

Accessible During Events

Private Spaces

Tenants will be able to customize these permanent spaces that are accessible at all times with tools that fit their requirements and pay a monthly or annual subscription similar to a lease.


  • Tenants are users who enter into long-term agreements to lease private virtual spaces within Metacom Space.

  • They pay recurring monthly lease fees for exclusive access to their chosen virtual space.

  • Tenants typically use the space for ongoing activities such as office work, regular meetings, or hosting recurring events.

  • Since tenants have exclusive access to their leased space, they have more control over customization and scheduling compared to renters.

Public Spaces

Renters will be able to customize these temporary event spaces that are only accessible by attendees during scheduled events and pay for daily or hourly rental similar to renting venues in the real world.


  • Renters are users who book public virtual spaces on a short-term basis for specific events or gatherings.

  • They pay hourly or daily rental fees for access to public spaces, typically for one-time or occasional use.

  • Renters may include individuals or organizations looking to host events such as conferences, workshops, social gatherings, or product launches.

  • Unlike tenants, renters do not have exclusive access to the space and may share it with multiple users during their rental period.

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