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Virtual Spaces

We provide our hosts and tenants with a variety of customizable virtual spaces for different types of events that can be monetized through sponsorships and ticket sales.

Types of Events

These types of events are for gathering a group of people who share the same interests to meet and connect with each other.
Example of Events:
  • Business Conferences
  • Founders & Investors networking event
  • Local singles meetup
Example of Spaces:
  • Conference Centers
  • Lounges
  • Lofts
  • Beaches
  • Yachts
These types of events are for educating people about a specific subject.
For example:
  • Homeschooling for teachers
  • Seminars by experts
  • Lectures by professors
Example of Spaces:
  • Classrooms
  • Lecture Halls
  • Auditoriums
  • Campuses
  • Universities
These types of events are for entertaining people.
For example:
  • Music concerts for celebrities
  • Stand-up comedy shows
  • Movie premieres
  • Rap battles
  • Karaoke
Example of Spaces:
  • Bars/Nightclubs
  • Music Concert Stadiums
  • Theatres
  • Podcast Studios
These types of events are for companies who are looking to sell products or services to the attendees.
For example:
  • Fashion shows for apparel companies to promote their new collection.
  • Car shows to introduce a new model.
  • Tradeshows for wholesale products
Example of Spaces:
  • Art Galleries
  • Fashion Runways
  • Showrooms
  • Convention Centers
These types of events are for businesses or entrepreneurs who are interested in a virtual space to enhance their work experience.
For example:
  • Office building for big companies to enhance collaboration among their employees.
  • Office space for entrepreneurs to stand out with an immersive environment.
  • Office space with conference rooms to enhance their meetings.
Example of Spaces:
  • Individual Office Space
  • Office Buildings for Employees
  • Co-working Building Space
  • Conference Rooms

Types of Spaces

Type of Space
Private Space
Monthly Subscription
Accessible at All Times
Public Space
One-Time Payment
Accessible During Events

Private Spaces

Tenants will be able to customize these permanent spaces that are accessible at all times with tools that fit their requirements and pay a monthly subscription similar to a monthly lease.

Public Spaces

Renters will be able to customize these temporary event spaces that are only accessible by attendees during scheduled events and pay a one-time payment per event similar to renting venues in the real world.