🎯Go To Market

Our go-to-market strategy is to begin by demonstrating our metaverse platform by partnering with different startups and NFT projects to gain exposure by co-hosting events at public venues, where they can invite their communities to connect with each other.

We've integrated major event platforms, such as Twitter Spaces, LinkedIn, Meetup, Eventbrite, Facebook, and Instagram so that users can easily import events from these platforms to easily create a link to their own metaverse destination for their events, where their listeners or attendees can connect with each other.

Our affiliate program with the Meta Morphoses NFT holders who are incentivized to share their referral links or host their own events to generate income is part of our strategy to expand our sales team to help us acquire more customers and sponsors for our platform.

We’ll also be hosting our own networking events that will include hundreds of NFT projects as exhibitors to gain more exposure by inviting their members to attend and represent their community at their exhibitor booths.

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