👼NFT Project

The Meta Morphoses is a collection of 12,000 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain that are integrated into an exclusive affiliate program with NFT holders acting as event planners of Metacom Space to earn commission from referrals who want to host and monetize events in our metaverse.

Each of our PFPs, or character images connected to our NFTs, will have one of twelve different theme colors to symbolize various teams within our community. Each team will be able to participate cooperatively taking part in activities, games, and competitions to win rewards or earn tokens.

Our PFP characters look like superheroes because we're helping to save lives, by supporting Start Day One, our 501c3 nonprofit for mental health and suicide prevention.

Studies show that meaningful connections within communities help with maintaining mental wellness, so we plan to raise money and help people with uplifting inspirational events or educational seminars with licensed therapists and motivational speakers

We want to use the NFTs to create a virtual world for people to become more connected and explore the Metaverse, and ultimately, help decrease mental health stigma.

We're launching a metaverse minting process with our Meta Morphoses NFTs that guide you through an immersive experience with other people.

It starts by getting tickets for access and then arriving at the minting facility from a train ride across an island, entering the building lobby, walking through an NFT art gallery, attending a presentation and AMA session, and then minting the NFT that will transform your avatars into NFT PFP characters that give you access to the token-gated after-party.

Our metaverse minting process solves problems by decreasing NFT flippers with our ticketing feature, preventing scammers since they can't easily imitate our metaverse, preventing issues from bots since they can't automate avatars in the metaverse, and allowing people to communicate with each other during the minting process.

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