We’ve partnered with Snippets, which is the technology used to build and customize our metaverse with exclusive features available on their platform only for Metacom Space to host events that will help populate their virtual worlds.

Our virtual venues fall under two categories: Private venues and Public venues.

Private venues are persistent virtual spaces for private events that can be accessed at any time and leased on a monthly basis with customization that can be saved, such as office spaces for meetings, classrooms for education, or NFT art galleries for artwork.

Public venues are temporary customizable virtual spaces for general attendees that can only be accessed during scheduled events and rented on an hourly basis, such as auditoriums for discussions, convention centers for conferences, or concert halls for music.

Each space can be customized for different themes and has features and functionality that are unique for different types and sizes of events with sponsorship and ticketing options for monetization tailored to each event.

To ensure successful events, we cater to:

  • Hosts - We make it very easy and affordable for anyone to create events, choose from a variety of venues, acquire speakers, and monetize their events with advertising sponsors and exhibitors. They have a way to control the attendees by making public announcements about special attractions and crowd control features to ensure a great experience for everyone.

  • Exhibitors - Organizations can seamlessly create and customize their booths with content, images, or videos and then request to be an exhibitor for any upcoming event. They can assign representatives at their booths to communicate with the attendees and use features to interact with their visitors.

  • Attendees - Everyone can make more meaningful connections by being able to communicate with each other from their desktop (with/without a game controller), mobile phone, or VR headset. They can communicate through text, audio, and video which will help build trust with each other to make more meaningful connections.

  • Sponsors - Organizations can apply and create a sponsor profile for hosts to consider for upcoming events. We make it simple to sponsor events and provide analytics to measure valuable exposure.

  • Speakers & Entertainers - Hosts can invite speakers and entertainers to create a profile, which will allow any host to search, book, and pay them for their upcoming events.

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