Our mission with Metacom Space is to help people share more meaningful connections and experiences by making it easy and affordable for anyone to host different types of events in a variety of interactive customizable venues in the metaverse and monetize them through sponsorships or ticket sales.

People are drawn to events because they gather people with similar interests over a limited period of time, making them an effective way of onboarding people to Web3.

Our metaverse uses text to communicate, video to connect real people behind the avatars, and spatial audio to hear positional sounds at different distances and directions within the virtual space for a more immersive interactive experience, which allows simultaneous conversations in real-time just like in the real world.

Our decentralized metaverse makes it very cost-effective and efficient to support more users who can access our metaverse at the same time through mobile phones, computers, or VR equipment.

Instead of buying expensive virtual real estate or creating your own virtual space, anyone can choose from a variety of venues that are customizable for different themes, types, and sizes of events from group meetings to big conferences.

Users can filter their search like real estate based on price, occupancy, and type of space. From there, users can customize their events with a variety of features that best suit their needs.

Metacom Space provides an effective networking solution for virtual events with people who share the same interests through enhanced communication and interaction.

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